Investment Initiatives

The Firm has a strong operating executive bench focused on sector expertise. Their partnership enhances our research as well as our ability to manage investments.


Aligning Our Investment Initiatives with Industry Experts

Berenson Capital is dedicated to identifying emerging companies with the ability to impact their respective industries. Our Operating Executives are a key pillar of our investment and execution philosophy from initial sourcing through to value creation and exit.

Areas of Focus

Compliance Technology
Industry Expert Marc Eigner

CompliTech is a massive global market poised to achieve robust growth due to increasing globalization, digital transformation, and regulatory complexity. These products and services are considered mission-critical and serve as low-cost solutions to acute and growing risks.

CompliTech is an attractive sector due in part to the overwhelming regulatory complexity and thus significant barrier to entry. We are partnered with Marc Eigner, a leading executive in this sector.

Life Sciences Software
Industry Expert Marc Eigner

As a trillion-dollar end market, the life sciences industry remains ripe for emerging opportunities, particularly in software asset management. Regulators continue to impose tighter controls on drug development and manufacturing, pushing business leaders to rely heavily on technology to remain compliant. The sheer volume of data that every life sciences company generates means they require software providers to store, manage, and analyze that data.

Environment, Health & Safety Technology
Industry Expert Jeff Muto

The push to protect people and the environment encompasses every sector, creating a massive global market for EHS/ESG technology. Evolving regulatory requirements and expanded risk of noncompliance have precipitated the need for a business function dedicated solely to EHS/ESG. Significant opportunities remain to expand software capabilities to include EHS, ESG and risk management factors. As these technologies become more robust, lower-risk industries will be forced to adopt these new processes contributing to further growth of EHS/ESG software.

Healthcare Technology
Industry Expert David Fetterolf

Healthcare technology is a burgeoning field with significant fragmentation. Nearly 20% of Americans have a mental or behavioral health condition, and spending in this area exceeds $225 billion annually. A fragmented provider market, increased payor scrutiny, and a growing shortage of qualified behavioral health professionals leaves open a sizable opportunity for strong technology providers with access to capital.

HCM logo.
Human Resources (HR) Tech / Human Capital Management (HCM) Software
Industry Expert Ron Kasner

The shift towards remote work and empowerment of employees has caused employers to recognize that people are their most valuable asset. As a result, the strategic importance of the HR function has grown exponentially. Still in its early stages, the HR tech and HCM software market is already measured in tens of billions of dollars. Most organizations remain unprepared for the current move toward higher workplace standards, creating significant opportunities to advance HR intelligence with technology and automation.