Three decades ago, Berenson’s founders set out to build a merchant bank to provide bespoke advice to clients and invest in exceptional companies. The investment banking and private equity landscape has changed dramatically since then, but our firm’s core mission remains unchanged.

We’ve built a highly specialized banking team to advise owners on the wide variety of issues that arise throughout the lifecycle of a business. Today, as at our founding, we prioritize high standards of client service above all else. The Berenson Capital team invests in lower middle market technology companies where we can enhance the inherent value of the business with our experience and skills. Our private equity business benefits from the expertise of our banking team, and vice versa.

Over the years, we’ve learned valuable lessons from our clients and portfolio companies. We’ve evolved and adapted to new norms and standards, but our commitment to excellence and long-term relationships remains constant. As we embark on our fourth decade, here are a few reflections on the driving factors behind Berenson’s continued success.

• Stay lean. We’re always looking for talented people to join our team, but we’ve never conflated size with success. Before piling more people in a room, we look to scale our existing team’s intellectual and analytical skills.

• Cut to the chase. Our advice is thoughtful, well-reasoned, and efficient. We work directly with decision makers to help them run their businesses and solve problems more effectively.

• Develop a deep bench. Our executive network brings years of first-hand experience in software and tech-enabled services businesses to our portfolio companies. Our investments benefit from best practices honed over decades of investing, as well as lessons learned on the advisory side of the business.

• Culture is king. Berenson is a team and we do everything we can to support our teammates. The stronger our firm culture, the better the advice and service we can provide to our clients and portfolio companies.

Thank you for your continued support of our firm.