Our business is built to operate as a team sport. We care about the people who are here, both as professionals and individuals.



Jeffrey headshot.

Jeffrey L. Berenson

Chief Executive Officer

Mohammed Ansari headshot.

Mohammed Ansari


Islam Zughayer headshot.

Islam Zughayer

Senior Managing Partner

Michael Lewis headshot.

Michael Lewis

Chief Financial Officer, Chief Compliance Officer


Justina Ambroz headshot.

Justina Ambroz

Vice President, Operations

Caitlin Canderan headshot.

Caitlin Canderan

Vice President, Marketing

Dominic Chan

Vice President

Alexander Deutsch headshot.

Alexander Deutsch

Vice President

Chris Dubyak headshot.

Chris Dubyak

Vice President

Amir Hegazy headshot.

Amir Hegazy

Managing Director

Alessandro Masolo headshot.

Alessandro Masolo

Vice President

Josh Woodbridge headshot.

Josh Woodbridge

Managing Director

Operating Executives

Marc Eigner headshot.

Marc Eigner

Operating Executive

David Fetterolf headshot.

David Fetterolf

Operating Executive

Ron Kasner headshot.

Ron Kasner

Operating Executive


Investing in our people

Equitable Opportunities

The Firm routinely analyzes its recruiting procedures and candidate data. We use best practices to recruit a diverse talent pool and ensure offers are based on merit and accomplishment.

Democratic with a lowercase d

Berenson operates in a nearly flat organizational structure with all levels openly communicating and collaborating. We provide opportunities for growth and advancement from day one of employment, including direct deal experience and rigorous analytical training.

Merit-based Culture

Promotions and career advancement are awarded to those who demonstrate aptitude, drive, client skills and dedication to the Firm.